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Coachz' Pro Shop

This is Coachz', a profesional bowling pro shop located in Praire Lanes, run by John & Cher Breunig. From all the top name brands of shoes, balls, bags, and more, to coaching, camps, and lessons, we here at Coachz' Pro Shop have it all. John is a Silver Certified Bowling Coach with more than 25 years of experience to help exceed your goals.

Season Opener Special

  • Revive Your Ball. Extract the oil from your ball. $15.00 a Ball or 2 for $20.00. Regular Price $20.00 a Ball
  • Starter Kit Ball Bag & Shoes $110.00

Getting Started

It takes more than just a ball to be a great bowler.


Coachz' and Prairie Lanes Junior Bowling would like to thank it's sponsors for the their continued support.


  • Phone: (608) 834-1397
  • Tues: 5:00 - 8:00 pm
  • Appointments:
    John: (608) 220-3760
    Dale: (608) 212-1542

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